Vancouver East Side Elementary Schools

Select a Vancouver East Side elementary from the list below and start searching for homes within your desired school catchment. Red asterisks (*) indicate French Immersion school catchments. Please note, not all schools offer Early and Late French Immersion programs. For more details and a list of all French Immersion schools, click here. Once you've selected a school catchment, refine your search by entering in your desired price point, property type (house, condo, or townhome), number of bedrooms and bathrooms, age of property, size of the home (square feet) and more. If you prefer to see everything for sale within the catchment, simply leave the fields as "Any". Curious to know if a school will be receiving funds for renovations and ugprades? Check out our building upgrades page.

Admiral Seymour
Captain James Cook
Champlain Heights
Charles Dickens
Chief Maquinna
David Livingstone
David Oppenheimer
Dr. A.R. Lord
Dr. George Weir
Dr. H.N. MacCorkindale
Florence Nightingale
General Brock
George Cunningham
Graham Bruce
John Henderson
John Norquay
Laura Secord
Laura Secord*
Lord Beaconsfield
Lord Nelson
Lord Selkirk
Lord Selkirk*
Lord Strathcona
Lord Strathcona*
Mount Pleasant
Pierre Elliott Trudeau
Queen Alexandra
Sir Alexander MacKenzie
Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith
Sir Guy Carleton
Sir James Douglas
Sir James Douglas*
Sir John Franklin
Sir Matthew Begbie
Sir Richard McBride
Sir Sandford Fleming
Sir Wilfred Grenfall
Sir William MacDonald
Walter Moberly

School catchments are subject to periodic review and changes by the school boards. To download the Vancouver school district catchment map, visit the Catchment Maps page. The catchment searches were recreated to the best of our ability and should be used as guidelines only. If you have questions about your property search, school catchment, or anything else, please feel free to contact me anytime.