School Catchment Maps

Below are the school catchment maps for Vancouver, North Vancouver and West Vancouver. Please note the catchment areas are established by the school districts and are subject to periodic review and changes. To search for real estate within a particular school catchment, click here.

Vancouver School District

VSB Catchment Map.JPG

1580 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6J 5K8
Phone: 604.713.5000

74 Elementary Schools
17 Elementary Annexes
18 Secondary Schools


North Vancouver School District

North Vancouver Catchment Map.JPG

721 Chesterfield Avenue
North Vancouver, BC V7M 2M5
Phone: 604.903.3444
Fax: 604.903.3445

25 Elementary Schools
7 Secondary Schools


West Vancouver School District

West Vancouver Catchment Map.JPG

1075 21st Street
West Vancouver, BC V7V 4A9
Phone: 604.981.1000
Fax: 604.981.1001

14 Elementary Schools
3 Secondary Schools
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